Hi! I'm Santhilal Subhash

My primary research focus is on investigating long non-coding RNAs to unfold their molecular mechanism by analyzing data from different cancers cell lines and patients using RNA-seq/ChIP/RIP/HiC/MEDIP/Methyl-seq. Also interested in developing pipelines or computational tools to address different questions in molecular biology.

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Email: santhilal.subhash@gu.se

Phone: +46 31 786 6928

What i do

Investigating field of biology by applying logics of computer science, statistics and mathematics.


Checkout a few of my works

Chromatin associated long non-coding RNAs

Active chromatin associated long non-coding RNAs

H3K4me2 and WDR5 enriched chromatin interacting long non-coding RNAs maintain transcriptionally competent chromatin at divergent transcriptional units.

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Cell cycle associated long non-coding RNAs

PAN-cancer analysis

PAN-cancer analysis of S-phase enriched lncRNAs identifies oncogenic drivers and biomarkers.

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Gene enrichment analysis tool

GeneSCF real-time based tool

GeneSCF: a real-time based functional enrichment tool with support for multiple organisms.

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Neuroblastoma associated long non-coding RNs

Characterization of long noncoding RNA transcriptome of neuroblastoma tumors

The Risk-Associated Long Noncoding RNA NBAT-1 Controls Neuroblastoma Progression by Regulating Cell Proliferation and Neuronal Differentiation.

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